• Chinese Prostitutes and Brazilian Cotton Farmers

      How can the big spenders still call proposed budget cuts "draconian"?

      "Stimulus" dollars went to fund a study on teaching Chinese prostitutes to drink responsibly. That was one of the ridiculous spending programs I highlighted in my last special "The Money Hole."

      But it's just one of many. Every year, Uncle Sam gives about $150 million to Brazilian cotton farmers. Why?

      It started in 2004, when the WTO ruled that the United States' subsidies to American cotton farmers violated a free trade agreement. The WTO said, until the US ends such subsidies, Brazil has the right to ignore US intellectual property rights law on genetically modified crops.

      So solve the problem by ending a taxpayer-funded giveaway to cotton farmers! No, Congress didn't ‘t do that. Instead, they spent more of your money:

      The solution? Start giving Brazilian cotton farmers $147 million a year in subsidies to allow us to continue subsidizing US cotton farmers...

      And this is the same government that we constantly give more power - so they can do things like choose our health care and our lightbulbs?

      Give me a break.

      The Money Hole