• Shrinking Frog Testicles

      Today's New York Times reports that, oops, pesticides aren't killing off men's sperm.

      For years, environmental groups have used a flimsy Danish study to argue that residues from plastic manufacturing and pesticides caused the "cancer epidemic" and infertility.

      Never mind that there is no cancer epidemic -- that deaths from cancer have declined and cancer incidence is flat -- the myths persist.

      Cancer Death Rates from the American Cancer Society

      Because I've argued that pesticides and plastics are mostly good things, I was once yelled at by environmental demonstrators who shouted "frog testicles are shrinking!"

      Now even the NY Times (well, not exactly the Times -- the article was written by Gena Kolata, one of their sensible reporters) acknowledges that there is "no decline in sperm counts, after all."

      I'm still waiting to hear from the frogs.

      Cancer Epidemic
      New York Times