• The Blob Strikes Again

      Fewer students... More teachers. That's a headline you probably won't
      read in the New York Times: Latest census data shows fewer students,
      but more teachers, and increased spending for public K-12 education.
      Government education -- I shouldn't call it public.

      The facts are so counter to the popular narrative put forth by the
      education Blob that they are hard to believe, but the latest Census
      Bureau report out this week makes the fact clear.

      My state, New York, tops the spending list at over $18,000 per pupil. At that price, I'd think every four kids
      could have their own private teacher! Maybe that's what the Blob is
      moving toward-- the Census Bureau also reports that there are 157,000
      FEWER students in the system, but 81,000 MORE teachers. And despite the
      recession and cries of desperation from teachers' unions, teacher pay is
      up by 2.3%.

      The Education Intelligence Agency blog comments: "It's an odd enterprise that reacts to fewer clients by hiring more employees."

      But it's generous to call the Blob an "enterprise" - it's a monopoly with a captive audience.

  • This Week's Show -- July 3, 2014

    DOOM AND GLOOM MEDIA: The media tell you about problems-like poverty, climate change, an energy "crisis." But "The Rational Optimist" Author Matt Ridley says "actually, things have been getting better, much better."


    LIFE GETS BETTER: Author Robert Bryce says most everything today is "Smaller Faster Lighter Denser Cheaper."


    FREE MARKETS: Vox.com writer Zack Beauchamp understands things are better. He says, "markets are a big part of the story... because they spark innovation." But he's also a lefty who believes is plenty of government regulation. I'll push him on that...


    FRACKING FEARS: Is fracking dangerous? People tell us it is. My state has banned it. But FrackNation creator Ann Mcelhinney says fracking is "a marvelous thing" and "we need more of it, not less."


    MEDICAL MARVELS: Today is one of the most exciting times in history for technology and medicine. Cardiologist Dr. Kevin Campbell explains that doctors now can provide things for patients, like 3D Printer produced organs, that we never imagined were possible.


    HOW FAR WE'VE COME: Chris Cheng is a gay and Asian male-a twofer in terms of historic discrimination. But now he works with the NRA and makes speeches about guns. That almost certainly would not have happened in the "good old days."


    MY TAKE: Politicians will destroy our future if they continue to ban innovation with regulation. But despite our irresponsible politicians, life has gotten better. Google will inform us about most anything within seconds. Facebook, Instagram, Skype, and email allow us to share all kinds of things. And all of it's free. If innovators can just keep creating new things faster than politicians and regulators can kill them, our future will indeed be the good NEW days.


    9PM ET on Fox Business Network