• Gil Scott-Heron, RIP

      On Friday, the poet/activist Gil Scott-Heron passed away. He's often called the "Godfather of Rap," and is best- known for his political poem "The Revolution Will Not Be Televised."

      His work is usually associated with black militarism and Marxism, but my producer points out several of his poems that libertarians should remember him for:

      His 1980 poem "The Train From Washington" has a timeless message about trusting politicians.

      "They are contemporary court magicians, yeah

      Sleight of mouth will dazzle you

      You can depend on the repositions from them

      Changes that you've got to go through

      But don't depend on the train from Washington

      It's one-hundred years overdue."

      And his 1974 poem "No Knock" is especially relevant now that the War on Drugs has led police to increase the number of SWAT team raids. Now there are more than 100 every day. Also, the Supreme Court recently ruled that police may enter your home without a warrant if they think you are flushing away evidence. Scott-Heron asked the right questions:

      "...No knock, the Man will say

      To keep people from themselves

      [...] For my protection?

      Who's gonna protect me from you?

      The likes of you?

      The nerve of you?"

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