• Are Veterans Freeloaders?

      After my FBN show last week, where I let critics of my FREELOADERS show talk back, I got this e-mail:


      Dear Mr. Stossel,

      I am a veteran who is rated and compensated as 100% disabled.

      Do you, and Libertarians in general view me as a "freeloader;" and should I not be compensated according to your views of this situation?

      Like your show, and I am truly curious. While I register as a Democrat, I'm probably a Libertarian at heart.


      Stephen Chase


      I responded:

      No, Stephen, if you are 100% disabled, I do not consider you a freeloader, I consider you: compensated.


      Of course, the VA is another clumsy government bureaucracy, and I have little faith they make good judgments when deciding who needs help, and who freeloads. Today's Washington Post calls the agency "obstructionist, antiquated and overwhelmed."


      Government Bureaucracy