• Makers vs. Takers

      Tax Day approaches. It’s the one day of the year when we most feel the intrusiveness of government. They take from us…but to do they make anything? Who really makes the nation prosperous? Government…or entrepreneurs?

      The ultimate story of entrepreneurs fighting the government … finally makes it to the big screen! Atlas Shrugged Part I premieres nationwide on Friday, April 15. We'll have an Exclusive Sneak-Preview. Plus, we’ll talk to film producers John Aglialoro, Harmon Kaslow and the actor playing James Taggart, Matthew Marsden, about the movie some thought would never be made. Since no one in Hollywood would distribute it, the producers have had to take an unusual approach in promoting the movie. Take a look at this fake answering machine message from the actor who plays Wesley Mouch in the film.

      Also: Sen. Rand Paul and Stuart Varney join to discuss how taxes strangle American businesses. And I'll talk to the filmmakers of a new documentary on the Venture Capitalists who brought us genetic engineering, computers and the internet. One of the most interesting revelations: Did you know Steve Jobs was FIRED from Apple? 45% of people who start companies are gone within 18 months. Apparently, entrepreneurs are filled with great new ideas, but tend to be pretty bad at actually running companies.

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