• Government Failure Brings More Government

      The Bureau of Indian Affairs once “lost” several billion dollars of money that belonged to American Indians. The BIA’s solution? They told Congress that they needed another $3 billion. Congress gave it to them.


      Today, after a second LINK air traffic controller was caught asleep on the job, the FAA made this announcement:

      “effective immediately the FAA will place an additional air traffic controller on the midnight shift at 27 control towers around the country that are currently staffed with only one controller during that time.

      The FAA is taking this action after an incident this morning at Reno-Tahoe International Airport when a controller fell asleep while a medical flight carrying an ill patient was trying to land.”

      Transportation Secretary La Hood, the one Republican in Obama’s cabinet, and one of the biggest self-promoting hacks in the administration, said “I am committed to working 24/7 until these problems are corrected."

      I’d prefer that LaHood not work at all, but if he does work 24/7, I’m glad he isn’t paid the hourly rate that air traffic controllers get. They make more than $100,000 per year. Now that some have demonstrated their propensity to sleep on the job, the Transportation Department will reward them by paying for more controllers.

      In the private sector, failure leads to better people taking over the work. Government failure leads to more for government to do.