• $38 Billion in Cuts? Not Even

      Today’s Wall Street Journal says that the $38 BILLION in cuts that were agreed upon last week to keep the government from shutting down were actually more like $20 BILLION …once you account for some accounting scams.

      That’s nearly 50% in accounting scams.

      Nowhere in the private sector would we accept that kind of chicanery.

      Worse, today Representative Tim Huelskamp (R-KS) says that the cuts are actually only $352 MILLION—or just a little more than $1 per American—because the difference between the ORIGINAL budget from the Congressional Budget Office and the NEW budget that was just voted on is only $352 MILLION.

      I don’t know what’s right—I’m no accountant—but it’s one more reason why we need the scope of government to be smaller. If there are fewer things that are the government’s “responsibility,” there will be less opportunity for them to mess up our lives.