• Save Black America

      America has a race problem. True, we elected a black president, but that doesn't change the fact that one in nine young black men ... is in jail. More than 10 percent.
      It doesn't change the fact that many Blacks don't trust the police, and sometimes won't help the police.
      This week, on my Fox Business program and in my syndicated column, Manhattan Institute scholar John McWhorter says if we just got rid of one big ugly federal program, we could save Black America.
      What's the program?

      "If the War on Drugs were terminated, the main factor keeping race-based resentment a core element in the American social fabric would no longer exist. America would be a better place for all."

      McWhorter sees prohibition as (SET ITAL) the (END ITAL) saboteur of black families. "It has become a norm for black children to grow up in single-parent homes, their fathers away in prison for long spells and barely knowing them. In poor and working-class black America, a man and a woman raising their children together is, of all things, an unusual sight. The War on Drugs plays a large part in this."

      He also blames the black market created by prohibition for diverting young black men from the normal workforce. "Because the illegality of drugs keeps the prices high," he says, "there are high salaries to be made in selling them. This makes selling drugs a standing tempting alternative to seeking lower-paying legal employment."

      This has devastating consequences. The attractive illegal livelihood relieves men of the need to develop skills that would provide stable legal incomes.

      Full column here.

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