• Tonight's Show: Hollywood Gets It Wrong

      This weekend is the Oscars!  As a stutterer, I'm excited that the King's Speech is favored to win for best picture and best actor.  It actually gets stuttering mostly right.  Hollywood gets so much else wrong.

      For example:  The movie makers obsess about the Oscars because movies that win make more money.  Oscar nominees re-release their movie around Oscar season. They are smart capitalists.   So, why then, are they so clueless about capitalism!?  And hostile to capitalism?!  This ticks me off.

      Movie villains used to be Indians, but then that became politically incorrect.  Nazis were the villains after World War II, then Russians, then aliens and mobsters.  Briefly Arabs were villains, but then that became politically incorrect.  Today, it seems like most of the rapacious villains are businessmen.

      On my FBN show tonight, radio host Michael Medved talks about the ways in which Hollywood gets capitalism wrong.

      Famed director Oliver Stone is one of the biggest offenders.  His Wall Street movies portray “greed” as evil, and he clearly does not get economics.  In the first Wall Street, villain Gordon Gekko says business is "a zero sum game -- somebody wins, somebody loses. Money itself isn't lost or made; it's simply transferred from one perception to another."

      That’s just wrong.  It’s a commonly repeated myth: “when the rich get richer, the poor get poorer.”  But if you think of wealth as a pie, the rich aren’t taking more slices from the poor.  The rich bake new pies every day.  That’s how they get rich.  Everyone gets richer when the rich get richer.

      Another big offender is director James Cameron.  In the Alien series, it’s a greedy mega-corporation that seeks to capture the aliens.  In Titanic, it’s a greedy businessman who pressures the captain to go faster despite the icebergs.  Most recently, in Avatar, it’s an evil mining corporation that wants to destroy the natural habitat of the noble savages.

      However, at least there is one movie that gets capitalism right.  It will come out this spring.  I’ll tell you about it tonight.  FBN at 9pm & midnight EST.

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