• This Week's Show: The Future (Thursday/Saturday @ 9pm & Midnight ET)

      What does the future hold? Self-driving cars and independent cities floating in the ocean?  Or a government collapsing under the weight of its own budget, destroying the promise of the internet with new rules and regulations, and eating our future by spending our seed corn on the foolish visions of central planners?

      Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) will talk about the novel suggestion he gave at last week's CPAC conference: Give citizens the right to opt out of state handouts in exchange for paying a flat 10% tax.

      Patri Friedman, grandson of Nobel prize economist Milton Friedman, will talk "seasteading" -- a movement to enable floating cities in the ocean -- to allow pioneers to “peacefully test new ideas for government”.

      And while President Obama champions a 19th century technology -- trains -- to “win the race for the 21st century,”  technology already exists for self-driving cars, controlled by fast reacting computers, that would let 6000 commuters fill highways that now hold just 2000.  Why haven't they arrived on the market yet? Because of big government.

      Finally, who will control the internet? The internet has improved the way we live, without government regulations. But now the ambitious head of the FCC wants to create rules that would force internet innovators to ask the government’s permission before innovating.

      Government kills the geese that lay the golden eggs.

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