• Bill O’Reilly vs. Ron Paul

      Why doesn’t Bill get it?  On tonight’s show, he’s going to rant about federal spending.  He wants cuts.  Good.

      But then he wants to have me on so he can tell me why Ron Paul is wrong, and odd, and shouldn’t be running for President -- and Donald Trump is right.

      I don’t know where to begin.

      We hold elections because we don't know who's going to win. Ron Paul might win.
      Who thought Jimmy Carter could win? Or Barack Obama?  A black, ultra-liberal, freshman Senator?  Or Abe Lincoln?  Lincoln was a dark horse. He defeated two much better known candidates for the Republican nomination in 1860 – at a time when the Republican party had never won a presidential election before.

      Think about sports.  How many times has the underdog won a big game? They don't play the games "on paper." They play them on the field.  Because you never know.

      People are waking up to the horror of government spending.  Maybe this time, the public is ready for Ron Paul.

      I like Donald Trump, but he’s wrong about lots of things.  He keeps saying : Americans “no longer make things.”

      He is dead wrong: American manufacturing output is now near an all-time high.

      If Ron Paul's not running for President, who will point out the evils of big government? It needs to be said. It woke some people up last time.  I wish O’Reilly would listen.  In some ways, he’s a big government guy.  He wants to fight a War on Drugs, investigate oil companies, and forbid insurance compaines from demanding more money from people with pre-existing conditions.  He should spend some time listening to ron Paul.

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