• Michelle Obama Will Make Us Thin

      Tonight Bill O’Reilly wants me to talk about the first lady’s nutrition campaign.

      A team of advisers to Mrs. Obama has been holding private talks over the past year with the National Restaurant Association, a trade group, in a bid to get restaurants to adopt her goals of smaller portions and children’s meals that include healthy offerings…

      At least what Michelle is doing appears to be voluntary. It’s not government force. That makes it better than say, my colleague Governor Mike Huckabee requiring every Arkansas school to weigh students and report obesity to parents. Children are the responsibility of their parents. When the state assumes the role of parent, it makes children of all of us. And Arkansas’ child obesity intrusion didn’t work: obesity in Arkansas rose more than in the rest of country.

      George Mason University economist Don Boudreaux asks of Michelle Obama’s campaign:

      How voluntary is it really?  What befalls a firm that opts out of any scheme adopted by their competitors in league with the administration?

      Even if it truly is and remains voluntary, the entire thing reeks of the queen of the manor protecting the poor nitwits out in the fields from their own ignorance and low-class passions.

      The Obamas would help many more people lose weight if the President just walked across the street and shut down the Department of Agriculture, ending its disgusting subsidies for high-fat corn syrup, meat and dairy products.

      Also, the Obamas don’t practice what they preach.  Check out the White House Super Bowl party menu:




      Deep Dish Pizza

      Buffalo Wings

      German Potato Salad

      Twice Baked Potatoes

      Snyders Potato Chips and Pretzels

      Chips and Dips

      Bet it was delicious.