• Spending the Super Bowl in Handcuffs?

      Like many of you, I’ve made a friendly bet on the Super Bowl--100 bucks on Green Bay.    Yet sports betting is illegal in every state but Nevada and Montana (big restrictions in Montana).   I’m just betting with a friend, and fortunately, such social bets are legal in most states.  Most, but not all.

      Why the restrictions?  Since betters bet with other consenting adults, who do we hurt? If I win, I'll damage my friend's bank account.  So what?  Other than that, I'm not hurting anybody.

      But politicians think they know better than me. That's why gambling and sports betting remain illegal in most of the United States. Of course, that doesn't mean people don't gamble. All it means is betting operations are driven underground, or overseas.

      There are 2,500 non-US online gaming sites. A promising business is left untapped because politicians won't stop trying to control our behavior.

      But gambling is addictive, you say. It ruins people's lives! If we legalize it, we'll turn America into gambling addicts!

      It is true that some people become addicted to gambling.  But people also get hooked on alcohol, smoking, fatty foods, sex, the stock market--the list goes on. Should we ban those things too?  Adult Americans don’t need a nanny, we need freedom.

      Unfortunately, government has reached its tentacles deep into the world of sports in ways you might not realize.

      We'll tell you more on Thursday night, at 9 p-m on FBN.

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