• A Good Sign

      I thank the Weekly Standard’s Fred Barnes for pointing out some good news that I’d missed.

      The new Chair of the House Energy and Commerce Committee recently said this to members of his committee:

      We are in the middle of the largest fiscal crisis the country has ever faced... No one seriously thinks that we can continue on our current path of recklessness. And that path ends right here...

      If you want to spend money on an entitlement, you need to pay for it with a mandatory spending reduction...

      Every program the committee authorizes or reauthorizes must have a sunset. The committee will no longer consider commemorative legislation. We all support motherhood and apple pie and successful collegiate sports teams. I would submit that none of us needs a congressional resolution to prove it.

      I’ve been critical of statist Republicans. My blogs push spending cuts that Republicans have been too timid to propose. But when a politician like Fred Upton, often called a RINO by conservatives, gives a speech like that, a new day may actually be dawning!