• Tonight’s Show: The Curse of Good Intentions (FBN @ 9p/midnight ET)

      Last month, I did a Fox News Special titled: "Politicians' Promises Gone Wrong."   The show made some viewers unhappy. This week, I’ll give my critics a chance to talk back.

      In the special, I criticized how politicians favor certain businesses with gifts like tax breaks. Alpaca farmers get tax breaks and I argued that it’s led to a “bubble” in alpaca farming.   Some alpaca farmers called me an idiot and a “closeted bigot”. The Alpaca Owners and Breeders Association said they “expect to be given equal time to counteract such irresponsible reporting.” So, I invited the Alpaca Association to come on the show to tell me what I got wrong.  They cancelled at the last minute. Alpaca owner Theresa Reyes-Stassel showed up... armed with her own alpaca.

      We’ll also give the critics a chance to defend 3 other programs that were included among my ten “promises gone wrong”, starting with Obamacare.

      Then there’s Cash-for-Clunkers, which was supposed to stimulate the auto industry by spending $2 Billion to destroy perfectly good used cars. Progressives, like Tamara Draut from Demos, still think this was a good idea. She will argue with me and Edmunds.com CEO Jeremy Anwyl.

      Finally, in response to my argument that the minimum wage kills jobs, some viewers wrote that I advocated “slave wages.” Christian Dorsey from the Economic Policy Institute will appear on the show to argue the merits of minimum wage.  Small business owner Warren Myer will appear to call it a job killer.

      That’s tonight on FBN at 9pm and Midnight ET.

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