• Punch-Drunk Bully II

      For my next FBN show, Thursday, we’ll debate whether the new Republican congress critters will really cut the size of government.  The “old” Republicans clearly don’t have a good track record when it comes to spending.

      Holman Jenkin’s recent column reminds me that establishment Republicans are dangerous on many fronts. After President Obama first took office, he made a gesture toward bi-partisanship by making Republican Ray LaHood his Secretary of Transportation.  LaHood is very bad news.

      Any who wondered how much of a fresh start the administration would seek after its midterm humiliation will want to take note of Ray LaHood's continued presence as Transportation secretary.

      Mr. LaHood distinguished himself last year during the Toyota fiasco by publicly suggesting owners should stop driving their Toyotas, despite the absence of any evidence the cars were unsafe.

      He sat mutely during a congressional hearing while legislators and trial lawyers flogged an unsupported theory about electronic defects in Toyotas, never sharing his agency's ample wisdom on the real subject at hand.

      Of late, LaHood has been scaremongering about cell phone use in cars.

      He calls it a deadly "epidemic" on the highways, but once again he is spreading darkness as much as light. No less a harridan for safety than the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has dubbed his campaign misguided. The group's own studies show that the numerous laws enacted around the country to ban or restrict cellphone use have produced no impact on accident rates. Even where phone use has measurably declined, crashes haven't.

      …The highway death rate has fallen to its lowest level since 1954, despite a doubling of population and quadrupling of vehicles on the road...

      And despite a million-fold increase in the use of smart-phones.