• Too Much PC

      Political correctness is not just an American absurdity.

      In Canada last August, police arrested several suspected terrorists who had circuit boards that could be used to remotely detonate bombs. They have since been charged and are awaiting trial. But the police say they made one mistake – they made the arrests during the holy month of Ramadan.

      As [Canadian police] investigators searched through homes… the [police] community outreach office in Ottawa was calling an emergency meeting of the cultural diversity consultative committee to apologize to local Muslims…

      … one day after the terror bust, [Canadian]  police officials apologized that arrests had taken place during Ramadan…

      “We have been actively engaging the local Muslim Communities and will continue to do so in an attempt to neutralize and elevate any issues of concern,” [police corporal] Russett wrote in an e-mail.

      But police in Muslim countries carry out arrests during Ramadan. Some people the police apologized to seemed baffled.

      “Why would they apologize to Muslims for arrests during Ramadan?” one of the meeting participants asked. The person, who did not want to be named, highly doubted police would call a meeting of Christian leaders to apologize for arresting someone on Christmas Day.

      On my show tonight, Canadian journalist Ezra Levant argues that banning oil drilling in the US and Canada harms the environment.  He tipped me off to the PC story.

      Political Correctness