• The New Congress

      It’s very exciting to hear so many new Congressmen talking about “free markets” and “free enterprise."
      I’m skeptical about how they will vote once the media smears them as “cold-hearted” and their own funders say “you can’t cut that,” but at least they now use the words “free market.” I never used to hear politicians say that.
      Likewise, it’s exciting that right now, they’re actually reading the Constitution and promising that all legislation will include a reference to its constitutional authority. Again, big spenders will find a way to spin the Founders words to prove all their bills provide for the “General Welfare,” but at least they’ll have to work at it.
      “Watching politicians squaring a new law calling for 'breastfeeding rights' with the founding document promises an entertainment value that is urgently missing in Washington.”
      That’s from David Harsanyi, who also makes some good points about the benefits of CONSERVATIVES reading the Constitution:

      Conservatives…would often have trouble passing their own originalist constitutional purity test.

      Under what authority does government dictate the parameters of marriage, for instance? What in the Constitution allows Washington to prohibit the peaceful economic transaction between individuals — whether it be marijuana or anything else? (Alcohol prohibitionists had the decency to pass a new amendment.)