• An Alpaca Named Stossel? (“Promises,” the show to which this refers, re-airs on Fox News this Sunday @ 8pm and 11pm ET)

      I blogged this week about the angry response from many alpaca farmers after I reported on their tax benefits. One  wrote in to call me a racist. The Alpaca Association demanded a chance to respond to my "irresponsible reporting".

      But one alpaca farmer I interviewed, Rose Mogerman of Alma Park alpacas, surprised me with this blog.

      If asked - would I do the interview again?  I say ABSOLUTELY!!! ...  I find it funny that so many folks deny taking tax benefits from the business as if it is something to be ashamed of? ... Anyone not taking advantage of the tax benefits should get a NEW Accountant!!

      ...Now that the actual piece has aired, the chat sites are quiet.  No more insults.  Some have come out and said that they thought it was a good piece!  One breeder even said he was going to name his next alpaca "Stossel"... People are even reporting getting phone calls from people who are interested in alpacas and are interested in "learning more about the tax breaks". (See Rose's full article here.)

      I suppose that’s good for current Alpaca farmers -- but it's bad news for taxpayers. Government shouldn't give special tax breaks for any business.

      Mogerman writes:

      I will take advantage of any tax benefit the government has in place.  That is what all small businesses do!  That is what all agricultural businesses do !!

      She's right. And that's what everyone does. But it makes society poorer when we devote time and energy to a business just because government supports it.

      Tune in this Sunday for that, and the other nine Politicians' Promises Gone Wrong.

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