• Reaction to My Politicians' Promises Special

      Many viewers wrote to say they enjoyed the show (which re-airs Sunday at 9pm, midnight, and 3am ET.)

      Kevin: John, tonights show has been absolutely fantastic!! It is THE type of show that I've been waiting for you to host ever since you went to Fox News.

      Sarah: Thank you for such a great show!!! The unintended consequences of the programs you focused on tonight are issues that we... wish more people were aware of.

      But many alpaca farmers were offended by my reporting on alpacas' use as a tax shelter.

      Aimee: I’m so sick and tire of this Stossel guy. I think he is a closeted bigot, racist hater... He is trying to take away opportunities for families by talking about alpacas.

      Nick: Stossel is an idjit. What happens when someone invests in alpacas–which is livestock? They purchase farming equipment, have barns constructed, pasture installed, purchase feed from local suppliers–just to name a couple of how an alpaca breeder puts back into the economy...

      Nick, here’s what you are missing: that money would have been spent anyway -- just on something besides alpacas.

      The Alpaca Owners and Breeders Association also objected to my suggestion that Alpaca prices are a bubble.  They wrote that they "expect to be given equal time to counteract such irresponsible reporting."

      I’d love to hear what they have to say.  I have invited them to come on my January 19th Fox Business Network show to discuss the issue. I look forward to hearing how they respond in light of their survey showing that more than half of alpaca farmers rated tax benefits a "10",  the information on their website about "the major tax advantages of alpaca ownership," and the $750,000 price tags on some alpacas.

      Jake writes: "I live in Vermont and there are several multi million dollar properties in my town that have llamas or alpacas for use as a tax break, not for “agricultural” purposes."

      But I also heard from alpaca farmers who say they view the tax deductions only as a secondary consideration. Many say they make money by selling fleece.

      Bubble or no bubble, Uncle Sam should stop giving preference to some parts of the economy over others.

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