• ‘Natural’ Foods Activist Gets It Wrong

      On my show last night, Food & Water Watch executive director Wenonah Hauter debated Competitive Enterprise Institute’s Greg Conko over whether genetically-modified foods tamper with mother nature.  Wenonah says yes, Greg says no.

      At one point in the debate, Wenonah Hauter insisted that the big 2006 spinach recall was of conventionally-grown spinach … NOT organic.  However, we checked.  Turns out the FDA’s own study reveals that “the ready-to-eat produce from this leased acreage was sold as conventional produce but organic growing practices were used.”

      Facts like that are inconvenient for ‘natural’ foods activists.  The truth is that conventional farmers do a lot of good.  They've used chemicals and genetically-engineered crops to grow more food on less land.   Yet their reputation has been trashed by ‘natural,’ organic farmers and their boosters who claim, without evidence, that they are better.  They simply are not.

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