• Hyper-partisan Acrimonious Gridlock

      I'm not thrilled with the election results.  Good ballot measures went down to defeat.  I mourn Proposition 19, that would have legalized marijuana in California, Proposition B that would have made San Francisco bureaucrats pay a little more for their healthcare benefits and Question 3 that would have lowered the sales tax in Massachusetts.  Why don’t voters understand that those things are good for them?!

      But David Harsanyi cheers me with his column that points out that exit polls show the voters' general anger was not about

      government that didn't work, or government that didn't do enough, but government that didn't know its place.

      Right on!  Although, I fear that the new crowd will eventually deliver more of the same.

      But there's at least ONE GUARANTEED bright spot :

      No matter what happens, for now, we can look forward to two glorious years of hyper-partisan acrimonious gridlock: Washington's most moral and productive state.

      Amen to that.

      Smart people will almost certainly pontificate about the end of the purist days when public servants were respected and government was creating jobs. All, of course, imagined.    Typically, victorious candidates will talk about how they look forward to working with the other party to the benefit of America….

      This time around, we heard newly elected senators tell the body to "Deliberate on this!" - to pound sand until they respect "limited constitutional government."