• This Week's Column: Plastic Bottles Won't Hurt You

      We in the media love to scare you, because if you're scared ... we know you'll watch our programs. On my Fox Business show tonight (9pm ET), I'll cover some of these bogus scare stories, including one that made the news last month: Canada announced that it will ban the chemical "bisphenol A" -- known as BPA -- which is used to make plastic bottles. The problem is ... BPA isn't toxic. Europe's equivalent of the FDA concluded: "(T)he data currently available do not provide convincing evidence of neurobehavioral toxicity".

      But, as I write in this week's syndicated column, that doesn't stop people from suing, regulating, and scaring people:

      ...many people are sure BPA causes not only breast and prostate cancer but also obesity, diabetes, attention deficit hyperactivity, autism,liver disease, ovarian disease, disease of the uterus, low sperm count and heart disease. When a chemical is said to cause so many disorders, that's a sure sign of unscientific hysteria. But a documentary called "Tapped" says it's true. It quotes experts claiming "BPA may be one of the most potent toxic chemicals known to man."

      Nonsense. Not only is there no good evidence that BPA locked into plastic can hurt people, it actually saves lives by stopping botulism.

      "Since BPA became commonplace in the lining of canned goods, food-borne illness from canned foods -- including botulism -- has virtually disappeared," says the American Council of Science and Health.

      You never hear the good news about BPA in the mainstream media. Fear-mongering gets better ratings.

      Full column here.

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