• Government Kills Businesses

      The Institute for Justice released a fun video today revealing the trevails of “Chuck”—a poor sucker who wants to start a small business.


      The video makes a compelling case for how hard it is to start a business in America today.  My favorite part is when “Chuck” goes thru the maze of trying to get a street vendor’s permit in the city of Miami.

      IJ says: “Only 75 total vending permits may be issued each year for the downtown area.  (Only 17 have been distributed so far this year.)  Miami limits vendors to selling only food or flowers, and the application process is difficult and expensive and, worse yet, the applicant must secure all government-issued permits and insurance before applying and then endure a yearly “lottery” to see if he or she will actually receive a permit after having spent so much time and money."

      This video should be required watching for every government official who is getting ready to pass more regulations.  ESPECIALLY those who are getting ready to pass more regulations and say that they also want to “create jobs.”

      When will they learn that the best way to “create jobs” is to LEAVE US ALONE?