• O’Reilly is Wrong

      On the Factor tonight, Bill attacks me for favoring drug legalization.   He presents it in his usual charming way:

      “Are you a pot-head, Stossel?”

      “Pot’s going to lose in California.”

      His California reference was to Proposition 19, a ballot measure that would legalize marijuana in California.  Obama’s Justice Department says that even if California voters pass Prop 19, the Feds will still arrest pot users.  I understand why they have to take that position — state law cannot override federal law — but it’s such hypocrisy.  The President admits that he smoked weed, but he has his men lock up others who do what he did.  His predecessors were hypocrites too.

      O’Reilly bullied me into a $10,000 bet on Prop 19.  He says it won’t pass-- I say it will.  I said that not because I have any wisdom about ballot measures’ chances, but because bettors at Intrade.com believe that it will win, and the bettors, who put their money where their mouths are, are right more often than pundits.

      Since the feds won’t honor legalization, passage won’t change much, but I like Reason editor Matt Welch’s take on it.  He emailed me:

      “if a major state, against the will of all its major politicians and newspapers & also the federal government, repudiates a Drug War every honest person knows is a failure, it could wpell be the first inevitable step toward repealing Prohibition, an act that would touch millions of lives. I find this infinitely more interesting than Christine O'Donnell's witchcraft. Among other things, win or lose, the closeness of it guarantees that there will be legalization measures in multiple states in 2012.”

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