• Are Union Thugs Bankrupting America?

      This Friday at 10pm, Fox News will broadcast my heated argument with NYC Transit Worker’s Union President John Samuelsen.  It’s part of my special, “The Battle for the Future.”

      Samuelsen, of course, argues that its ridiculous for me to say that “union thugs are bankrupting America.”   We also have a confrontational exchange about sick days.  I said:  “One fourth of your workers took more than 15 sick days. In the private sector, they wouldn’t last long doing that.”

      He responded, “About 25% of our work force are women. Women have babies!”   I actually was aware that some women have babies.   I observed that there were many women around Fox News too, and some of them have babies.  Sometimes it seems like the anchorwomen are always having babies, but I digress.   Samuelson asked me:  “When they get pregnant how much time do they take off of work?”

      I didn’t know.  So we checked it out.  I reported that, “New mothers at both the MTA and Fox get maternity leave… but not a single fox employee took 15 sick days.  The average was 3 sick days… and women take no more than men.”

      That’s true, but Samuelson then texted me to ask if women at Fox got “paid” maternity leave.   It turns out that he has a point.     Women at Fox get 8 – 10 weeks of paid leave. MTA employees can get up to 12 weeks, but it is unpaid leave, under the Family and Medical Leave Act.

      Of course, that leaves the point of my original question unresolved:  why do so many MTA workers take 15 sick days, or more?

      Mr. Samuelsen’s response blaming pregnant women doesn’t really add up.

      The total number of female NYC transit workers (25%) happens to equal the total number of workers (25%) taking 15 sick days.

      In other words,  EVERY woman would have be pregnant to account for so many workers taking 15 or more sick days. Seems unlikely.

      You can watch the “The Battle for the Future” when it re-airs this Friday at 10 pm ET on the Fox News Channel. 

      Weirdly, it airs at the same time my “Power to Prosper” show runs on Fox Business Network.   I’m competing against myself!   I’m also competing also against 20/20, my old program.  I no longer have any interest in 20/20, because these days they only seem to cover things like celebrities and missing teenage girls.    That’s very sad.

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