• “Battle” to air October 15 at 10pm ET

      “Battle” to air October 15 at 10pm ET

      I finally get to air a Fox News special in “prime” time!   The “Battle for the Future” will air Friday, October 15.  Here’s a summary:

      Let's face it: The news is ugly.  Big government keeps growing. The Federal government alone now spends $10,000 per American, pushing our debt to more than $13 Trillion. Total government spending eats up 40% of the economy! Yet the Progressives who rule elite colleges teach that government spending solves problems. In my syndicated column this week, I write about an exchange I have with Columbia professor Marc Lamont Hill:

      “We have to make sure that the most vulnerable people are always protected,” Hill says. Everyone benefits when we pay a little bit more to create universal health care. Everyone benefits when we pay a little more to have better public education systems.”

      Progressives use the word  “we” too often.  When I argued that “we” and “government” are not the same, he said, “We always talk about the government like it’s this monster in the hills that comes down and hands things out and takes our tax money.”

      Well, yes.

      Those are “libertarian fairytales,” Hill says. “In real life, the government is us.”

      Government is not “us.” Well, it’s us in the sense that we pay the bills. But it ain’t us. It’s them, the policy elite and their patrons.

      Full column here.

      It's not just the federal government we need to worry about. State and local governments are moving toward bankruptcy, in large part because of the contracts they signed with public sector unions. I confront New York City transit workers’ union boss John Samuelsen about the benefits his members get: retirement at age 55 and sweet pensions. I told him, "People say you union thugs are sucking the life out of America... A fourth of your workers took more than 15 sick days.”   Samuelsen answered, “About 25% of our workforce are women. Women have babies.”   Interesting. There are plenty of women at Fox.  Not a single one took 15 sick days.  The average was 3.

      I'll also interview Donald Trump and economist Art Laffer about the perverse effect of taxing the rich, Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) and American Enterprise Institute President Arthur Brooks about the battle between "makers" and "takers", and former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson, a politician who actually enjoyed saying "no" to excessive legislation. Imagine that.

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