• Reaction to my FNC special

      I’m getting plenty of push back about my special this weekend:

      I love how we [union workers] are classified as parasites. I get up at 3:50 most days. On the road by 4:30. During our busiest season it is usually six days a week…to be compared to a parasite is friggin over the line.

      beegdawg007 wrote:

      I only worked for a union for three years of my entire 45 year work life. That experience left me with a very positive view of the union I worked for. During my time with the union, a non union supervisor tried to fire me because I had longish hair and I was opposed to the war in Vietnam. The union came to my aid and said no way.

      There is no doubt that many union employees work hard. But union work rules do discourage hard work and innovation.  Simultaneously, their cozy deals with politicians drain taxpayers. Former police officer Jeffrey writes:

      In watching, I started to feel embarrassed about my own retirement and the career I had completed in law enforcement.  I was always taught by my father that workers' unions are not good for America.  I vowed to never join a workers' union.  I never did.  But, in working for a large county sheriff's department in California, I was very much looked down upon by the law enforcement employees association for not being a member.  They constantly criticized me for not fighting the county administrators for larger pay and more benefits…

      Ralph Brown, who calls himself a "struggling business owner in Southern Missouri, writes:

      Thank you for someone to expose the blood sucking unions for what they are . Do GM next.

      I am also thankful for the positive comments.

      Carlos Ayala:

      I was not only entertained, but I learned a ton. This was one of the top 10 shows I've ever seen on FNC - and I'm a "heavy user"

      Ted and Margaret O'Canna:

      want to commend John Stossel for the excellent reporting.  It was such an informative and thought provoking (we hope) program that we sure would like to see you broadcast it on a regular basis in the next few months.

      Pamela S. Todd:

      It made some perfect points that are difficult to demonstrate to non-believers and I'd love to have a copy of it on DVD. Is this at all possible in the near future - like before November 2?

      Unfortunately, there won’t be a DVD – but the show is on Youtube.

      Finally, I also received a quick note from Jessi Walter, one of the "Makers" that started a business teaching kids to cook, that she just changed her business name from "Cupcake Kids!" to "Taste Buds".

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