• Taking on the Unions (9pm Saturday on Fox News Channel)

      My new Fox News Special “The Battle for the Future” airs Saturday at 9 EST, and Sunday at 8 and 11pm.

      One of the biggest battles is over what one guest calls, parasites who will bankrupt America.  He’s talking about public sector unions. Their pay and benefits have risen astronomically, and you get to pay the bill.

      But NY Transit Union boss, John Samuelsen argues, we are the richest country in the world and can afford it.  Really?

      Here are some of the facts;

      Public pensions have unfunded liability of $1 trillion to $3.5 trillion

      Federal workers take home twice pay and benefits as private workers. Local and state workers also make more.

      Total          Pay           Benefits

      Private                 $59,909      $50,028         $9,881

      Local/state        $67,812      $52,051        $15,761

      Federal               $119,982     $79,197        $40,785

      -- Average TWU union worker makes $60K without overtime or benefits.

      -- 25% took 15 or more sick days.  Average was 8 sick days.

      -- Fox average 3 sick days (same for men and women)

      -- No FOX employee took 15 days

      Relative Danger of Jobs (Deaths per 100,000 workers)

      -- Fishing      128.9

      --Logging     115.7

      --Iron workers  46.4

      --Farmers       39.5

      --Firemen   3.8

      --Transit workers 1.4

      (Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics, except Transit worker death, that is from interview with TWU Local100 President)

      Some people argue that there’s no alternative to the government monopoly on municipal work, but Sandy Springs, Georgia, privatized most of it’s jobs in 2005.  Now the city pays about ½ of what it used to pay.  It enjoys a $14 million surplus, in addition to funding a $20 million reserve.

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