• The Never-Ending Struggle

      The new issue of Reason Magazine celebrates a rare victory for liberty.

      But Editor Matt Welch puts the victory in perspective amidst...

      The never-ending struggle to go about your business without fear of government sanction.

      The 2,300 page Dodd-Frank finance regulatory act adds more sanctions:

      As Associate Editor Peter Suderman wrote when the law was being passed, “For regulators in Washington, this is a He-Man moment: They get to lift thousands of pages of legislation above their heads and declare, ‘I have the power!’

      The Act brings more complication to a world where no business can be certain that it isn’t in violation of some law.

      People who don’t know if their day-to-day behavior will trigger criminal prosecution are not truly free. If cops or motivated government attorneys decide they don’t like you, life can soon become hell.

      Once you take it as a given that the government has an important say in what you do with your property or put in your body, a whole universe of appalling actions and apologia becomes possible.

      sometimes it feels like we’re losing a game of whack-a-mole. For every outrage reversed through bad publicity or expensive lawyering, there are untold dozens of quiet capitulations to a rampaging state.

      until we make a dent in the widespread notion that there always has to be some type of government structure or some taxpayer-financed watchdog to police every imaginable peaceable transaction, any contemplated fix to the mess we’re in will be temporary at best.