• Leaving America

      Economist Mark Skousen, the organizer of Freedom Fest – an annual gathering of libertarians – says that fighting for freedom this year is more critical than usual. He writes on Freedomfest’s website:

      “We have reached the tipping point… where the burdens of being over-regulated, over-taxed, and over-indebted will kill the golden goose. Heritage’s Index of Economic Freedom shows the United States steadily declining -- and now it may go into free fall, unless we act…”

      Free fall is possible given our level of debt. Unless trends change, in a decade we’ll have debt like Greece has now. I think Mark is right to worry, and I plan to do my second (the first was “What’s Great About America”)  Fox documentary on the Battle between “makers” and “takers.”   Current government policies encourage Americans to be takers.   Where will that lead?  When Peter realizes he can vote himself free stuff and bill Paul, and when there are increasing numbers of Peters and fewer Pauls, that’s a very bad trend.

      Many Americans are worried, says Skousen. Citizenship renunciations soared in the last quarter. One reason is people want to:

      avoid tax hikes in the U.S…"Everybody sees the tax rates are going up. At a certain point, it gets beyond people's pain threshold," said Anthony Tong, a tax partner at accounting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers in Hong Kong.

      Skousen himself once moved out of the country.

      In 1984-85, my family and I moved to the Bahamas to enjoy a better climate, save taxes…

      A few months ago, Rush Limbaugh was so worried about ObamaCare that he threatened to move to Costa Rica to escape its impact.  Rush later reversed himself and said he would stay to fight, but that raises the question, “How many Americans have left the country and wish to live the life of an expatriate?”

      According to the US State Department, over 6.6 million Americans are living abroad.  That’s equal to the State of Massachusetts, and a 73% increase over the 1999 figure of 3.8 million.  Over 687,000 live in Canada…..222,000 in England…..211,000 in Germany….and over 1,000,000 in Mexico.

      Mexico is the new paradise?

      If the United States really is on the Road to Serfdom, where will you move?