• Tonight's Show: Sex & The Law (FBN @ 9pm ET)

      Tonight’s Stossel is all about sex and the law. (FBN @9pm ET)  What are the rules?  I tackle several thorny issues, such as “don’t ask, don’t tell,” decency standards for broadcast television, pornography, and the age of consent.

      What is the age when you a free to make your own decision about having sex?  Age of consent varies by state, as the map shows:

      Teens often don’t know – and neither do their parents – that if they are the “wrong” age, having sex can land them in jail.  It can also put them on a sex offender registry.  One of tonight’s guests, Frank Rodriguez, had no idea that having sex with his high school sweetheart was a crime.  He was a 19 year-old senior and his sweetheart, Nikki, was a 15 year-old freshman.   Nikki’s mom knew they were having sex and even bought Nikki birth control pills, but after a nasty fight with her daughter, she reported the couple to the police.  Frank was charged with “sexual assault of a child.”

      What happened next is hard to believe.  Frank’s story, and other stories of government intrusion of the most intimate kind are my topic tonight.