• Goats do a better job than government workers

      Goats, not government workers, are being called upon to clear brush near a U.S. Courthouse in Pasadena, California. In the past, government workers cleared this brush every year. However,

      “[E]xtreme overgrowth and underbrush on the hillside… prompted GSA’s Pacific Rim Region property management to take quick action to avoid summer fires. Ultimately, the choice was easy: Use a herd of goats. The decision meant a cost-saving to taxpayers over hiring manual labor and proved to be better for the environment than bulldozers….”

      As you can see from the pictures below, the goats do a thorough job.



      According to a June 2010 report on the use of goats,  it costs an annual $5,300 to employ government workers to clear the brush and $1,995 to “employ” goats. Also, clearing the brush took 1 week when government workers did the job, but the goats did it in just 3 days. The use of goats is also more environmentally friendly:

      “Unlike bulldozers, used historically for the annual project, goats control brush and weeds without disturbing the grass and soil. They also do not pollute or leave synthetic chemicals that could run off into lakes and streams …”

      This is good news for private goat contractors like Ranchito Tivo Boer Goats .