• Victory for Louisiana Florists

      One of my FBN shows covered the idiotic licensing rules that states impose on business, particularly those that protect established business from upstart competition.

      "[W]hy do so many occupations need a license? Requiring permission from the state to do everything from flower arranging to practicing law paralyzes competition and protects entrenched special interests..."

      Now the libertarian public interest law firm, Institute for Justice, has won a battle against the Louisiana bureaucrats who demanded that flower arrangers, of all people, must pass: 

      “both a written test and a highly subjective demonstration examination, in which they were given four hours to create four floral arrangements that were then judged by a panel of state-licensed florists—i.e., their own future competitors.”

      Without paying big bucks and spending pointless time on unnecessary tests, it was illegal to sell flower arrangements in Louisiana. But now

      “Thanks to a bill signed into law today by Governor Jindal, Louisiana florists will no longer find themselves fenced out of the industry by an arbitrary, subjective and antiquated licensing exam in which their own future competitors decide whether they are “good enough” to sell floral arrangements… The written test remains on the books for now, but it presents a relatively minor government hoop.”