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      Americans are the most generous people in the world. We volunteer billions of hours of our time, and we donate more money to charity and foreign aid than people in any other nation. In fact, people in the U.S. go above and beyond government donations.

      When children are in need, Americans are most likely to take them in. Americans adopt more needy kids and orphans from overseas than people in all the rest of the world’s countries, though government bureaucrats can often make it hard to do.

      It took Tim and Jennifer Pearson two years to adopt two boys from Haiti. And now that the boys have joined the Pearsons and their two daughters in their Florida home, Jennifer says that while she can’t tell what the future holds, she knows it will be wonderful now that they’re together.

      All over the country, people seem eager to help others - especially during tough economic times.

      Carlos and Arelis Vasquez’s dry cleaning business will clean a suit for anyone who is unemployed - free of charge. Nottke’s Family Fun Center in Battle Creek, MI offered free bowling day for the unemployed. The bowling alley also hosted a job fair, where thirty eight people found jobs. The Stars and Stripes Honor Flight helps World War II vets get to Washington, DC to see their memorial at no cost. And in New York City, residents of the Lower East Side raised over $3,000 so one of their neighbors could stay in business.

      Ray Alvarez, the seventy-seven year old owner of Ray’s Candy Store, says his store is still open because of where he lives.

      “Thanks to America,” Ray says, “I made it.”

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