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      President Obama replaced Gen. Stanley McChrystal for insubordination after he made disparaging remarks during an interview with Rolling Stone. For an institution that often gets called “imperialist” or worse, it says something about the American military when its highest officers respectfully accept rebuke from civilian authority. But accountability is just one thing that makes the American military special.

      During the air campaign at the start of the Afghanistan War, we not only dropped bombs, but also tons of humanitarian aid, food, tents and blankets.

      We spent billions of dollars rebuilding Afghanistan and Iraq, fixing sewers and roads, building schools, making sure people have access to clean drinking water.  The cost of reconstruction in Iraq alone is already more than $44.6 billion.

      As Dinesh D’Souza tells me in my first Fox News Channel TV special (airing 9pm ET on Saturday and Sunday), “How common is it for one military power to be feeding the civilians on the other side?”  Very common, for Americans. We did it big after World War II.

      Some criticize America for the Iraq War, arguing that we went to Iraq for oil. But if that was what we were after, why have fewer than 10 percent of Iraqi oil contracts have gone to American Companies?

      We didn’t go for the oil.

      The American military is also unique in that it has never attacked another country with the intention to conquer it. Bosnia, Grenada, Kosovo, Panama, Dominican Republic. The military went in, finished the mission, and then left.

      The military is just one thing that’s great about America. Saturday and Sunday at 9pm ETon the Fox News Channel, I’ll report on America’s military, and on more things that illustrate  “What’s Great About America.”

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