• Where is John Galt When You Need Him?

      Ayn Rand was right. The Feds are after our entrepreneurs. Again.

      A young Australian named Daniel Tzvetkoff co- founded the online payment processor Intabil in 2007. By 2009 he was in trouble with the law. Jacob Sullum says

      “[h]is crime, according to the U.S. government, was doing precisely what Intabil purposed to do: facilitate online payments, including bets by American poker players...”

      Yikes. Tzvetkoff did not even run a gambling business. He was arrested for violating a law that makes it a federal crime to accept payment in connection with “unlawful Internet gambling.”

       “Viewed as legitimate businesses in the rest of the world, online gambling companies are treated as criminal enterprises to the U.S., and Tzvetkoff off could face life in prison for helping them.”

      Who is the government, which runs state lotteries with disgusting odds, to say that others facilitating gambling is unlawful? As I’ve reported on in "Gambling in America" and said before, for self-responsible adults, gambling can be fun and harmless. Why can’t adults be left to do what we want to do?