• More Guns, Safer Schools?

      On my show this week -- which re-airs tonight at 9 pm and midnight -- I asked whether more guns could, counter-intuitively, lead to less crime. But it is even more counter-intuitive for many to imagine more guns on college campuses would be a good thing. After all, I remember being an irresponsible college student. Who wants a drunken student carrying a gun?

      Only twelve colleges allow it. People FOX asked on the street said things like: "it's a horrible idea." ... "Way too dangerous." ... "Absolutely not. There are too many screwballs."

      But David Burnett, the President of Students for Concealed Carry on Campus says that since Colorado State University (Fort Collins) allowed concealed carry in 2003, crime plummeted. Could it be that criminals thought twice about attacking Colorado State students after students were allowed to carry guns?

      The student-elected senate voted 21-3 to continue to continue allowing concealed carry. Still, the Colorado State Board of Regents tried to ban concealed carry this year. Students sued and won in May. Yesterday the Board decided to appeal.

      Burnett's group says it's making gains. Colorado community colleges decided to allow guns last month: "the number of colleges allowing licensed concealed carry in the United States has more than doubled!" Barnett said on his website.

      Tune into FBN at 9pm or midnight tonight or 10pm on Sunday (eastern times) for the full debate.

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