• Save Lions. Eat them.

      A restaurant in Mesa, Arizona is selling lion meat burgers. Enter the animal rights activists:

      Dr. Grey Stafford with the World Wildlife Zoo says that serving a threatened species sends the wrong message. "Of all the plentiful things to eat in this country, for someone to request that or to offer that... I was rather stunned," says Stafford.

       ... Animal rights advocates are expected to protest outside[the restaurant].

      But why?  Lions are listed as “threatened.”  The best way to save threatened and endangered species is to…eat them.

       The American bison are the best example.  A hundred years ago, they were on the verge of extinction. They were hunted almost to extinction because no one owned them.  It was the Tragedy of the Commons .   No one owned the bison, so no one had an incentive to protect them.

       Then ranchers began to fence in the bison and (gasp!) farm them. Today, America has half a million bison.  We don’t have a shortage of chickens, either.

      Give Me a Break