• E-mail From A Viewer

      Don't believe guns can be a "great equalizer" and empower people — especially smaller people, like women — to defend themselves against criminals who are bigger and stronger? Here’s an email sent to me by a viewer in Texas about how having an UNLOADED gun may have saved his daughter from being sexually assaulted.

      Mr. Stossel, My older daughter, with an unloaded handgun in one hand and a phone in the other, foiled an intruder who broke the lock on her front door .  She held him under the gun until police could arrive some 45 minutes later.  The man admitted he intended to sexually assault her.  After arresting the intruder one officer reentered her home and asked why she didn't shoot him.  She confessed she had been to the gun range that afternoon and had not had an opportunity to buy more ammunition.  Just the threat of a weapon can deter a crime….

      -Mike Manuel, Mission, TX

      Surveys find that guns are used as many as 4 times more often to DEFEND against potential crimes than to commit crimes. Criminals don't want their victims to have guns. We'll talk about that on my show tonight, at 9pm on FBN.

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