• Never Let A Crisis Go To Waste

      President Obama said in his Oval Office speech tonight that the BP oil spill is:

      “The most painful and powerful reminder yet that the time to embrace a clean energy future is now.”

      The spill will now become an excuse for more government action, and more subsidies for wind, solar, and so on. But As CATO’s David Boaz tells me:

      “Cean energy” is ridiculous. It’s very expensive and not very feasible. Some day, maybe, but not now. Look at Europe. Taxes make gasoline MUCH more expensive there, and yet they still use gasoline, because there just aren’t viable alternatives.

      Obama’s rhetoric about “kicking ass” and “putting a boot on the neck” is also inappropriate. That shouldn’t be the attitude of a powerful government toward citizens, even citizens who have erred.

      Right. And now we’ll have a “National Commission!” Gee, that will solve a lot.

      America should focus on cleaning up the damage, and leaving petroleum engineers alone so they can focus on stopping the leak.

      The President should just be quiet.

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