• Is the War on Drugs Over?

      The media acts as if that is what’s happening:

      WSJ: White House Czar Calls for End to 'War on Drugs'

      LA Times: The 'war on drugs' is over

      FOXNews.com: Obama's New Plan Signals End to Criminal Approach to War on Drugs

      But that’s nonsense. It makes me want to do this week’s show on the drug war.  OK, I talked myself into it.  This week’s show will be on the drug war.  8pm and midnight EST.

      Did the White House Drug Czar really call for an end to the war on drugs? No. He just said that he didn’t like the term:

      "Regardless of how you try to explain to people it's a 'war on drugs' or a 'war on a product,' people see a war as a war on them," [White House Office of National Drug Control Policy, Gil Kerlikowske] said. "We're not at war with people in this country."

      He may not think he’s at war with people in this country, but he is.  Administration officials say they increased enforcement. FOXNews.com reports:

      "The key is the shift toward preventive and rehabilitative policies, as well as stronger law enforcement provisions," an administration official told Fox News. "The strategy is a new balanced and collaborative approach that emphasizes prevention, treatment, enforcement and international cooperation."

      Obama admits he smoked marijuana, but the drug war, unfortunately, is still under way.  The government says 360,000 people whose worst crime was a drug offense are in prison. And here’s what’s happened in just in the last few months:

      Feb 11, Columbus -- SWAT team breaks into home, fires seven rounds at family's pit bull and corgi as a seven-year-old looks on. They found a "small amount" of marijuana, enough for a misdemeanor charge. The parents were then charged with child endangerment. [Reason]

      May 13, Atlanta -- An elderly Polk County woman is hospitalized in critical condition after suffering a heart attack when drug agents swarm the wrong house. [wsbradio]

      May 11, Seattle -- A S.W.A.T. team raids a Tacoma home that doubles as a medical marijuana dispensary. During the raid, the homeowners allege that the cops held a gun to their 14-year-old son's head, confiscated cash from their daughter's Minnie Mouse wallet and stole signed ballots supporting a pot legalization initiative. [Seattle Weekly]

      War On Drugs