• Congress Ponders Football II

      This week, a few big college football teams announced that they will switch conferences.  Some pandering politicians don’t accept that:

      "Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) ... said his staff is exploring options through nonprofit and antitrust laws to approach the realignments.

      'I'm concerned about what's happening the Texas universities and the PAC 10 and what would possibly be leaving some Big 12 teams out in the cold,' Grassley said in a Wednesday conference call. 'All I can tell you is my staff's looking into what can be done from a non-profit, anti-trust standpoint.'"

      When will Congress realize private sports leagues are none of their business?  Amazingly, big government fan Senator Tom Harkin (D-IA) seems to get it:

      "I just don’t know if this is a proper place for Congress to get involved…”

      Those words are wonderful to hear from a Democrat.  Oops -- then Harkin finishes his sentence:

      "...unless there is something dealing with anti-trust or something like that, like interstate commerce."