• Congress Puts Head in the Sand

      The administration sold Obamacare as a deficit-reduction bill. But as I blogged then, the savings were based on the dubious assumption that Medicare spending would be cut. Such cuts had been promised by Congress, but then Congress voted to ignore them, year after year, since 2003.

      Yesterday, surprise! The House voted 245 to 171 to delay scheduled cuts until 2012. It’s known as the “doc fix.”

      Of course the doctor’s lobby was upset that cuts were even threatened. The AMA wants Congress to take them off the table.

      “Enough is enough,” AMA President J. James Rohack said in a written statement. “Nine times in eight years Congress has delayed the cut and not fixed the problem. Congress needs to buckle down, stop growing the problem and fix it once and for all to save Medicare and TRICARE programs for America's seniors and military families.”

      Enough is enough. Enough out-of-control spending. Medicare has a $38 trillion unfunded liability that we can’t tax our way out of. At some point soon we will have to raise the retirement and Medicare eligibility age and reduce what Medicare covers or we will end up in worse shape than Greece is in now.

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