• Where Does She Get the Nerve?!

      In Today's WSJ, teacher’s union boss Randi Weingarten claims that public schools need a bailout.

      "The federal government didn't let Wall Street fail. Why would we do less for our public schools, which undeniably are too important to fail? … provide a $23 billion infusion to states to avert educational and economic disaster… the Keep Our Educators Working Act… President Obama has thrown his support behind this emergency legislation.

      And there is no doubt that this is an emergency. School districts finalizing their 2010-11 budgets are making tough decisions right now about drastic steps such as whether to cancel summer school, shift to a four-day school week, or issue layoff notices to teachers."

      Give me a Break.  School spending has doubled over the past 30 years, as the chart below shows.

      Spending has tripled since I was in school.  The money is spent badly because Randi Weingarten’s own union rules prevent it from being used efficiently.  Throwing more money at a unionized government monopoly is no better than throwing money away.