• Drug Prohibition is the Real Problem

      Mary Anastasia O’Grady was spot on this week when she pointed out Arizona’s real problem.

      Migrant laborers are not to blame for the violence throughout the border states, the real issue is America’s drug prohibition coupled with immigration bureaucracy for immigrants who just want to work.

      “ Would-be busboys, roofers and lawn mowers from Mexico and Central America have been using the Arizona desert to get to the U.S. because legal paths are closed and they want work” ... “Rounding up low-skilled Mexican workers and walling off the entire border is not likely to solve the problem.”

      There have indeed been a large number of kidnappings and instances where law enforcement personnel were beaten and even murdered. But government needs to look at the real issue: prohibition creates crime.

      “While it may make people feel good about legality for a time, it will do nothing to stem the growth of gangster violence in the U.S.—which is the greater threat to national security.”

      It is unfair to say that Illegal immigrants are the ones solely responsible for Arizona’s problems.

      “The migrants who come north are ambitious. Many travel far, trudging through the desert for days or accepting high risks with human traffickers. They come in search of a paying job, a chance to build a business or simply hope for a better future. Their journey is the very essence of the work ethic.”

      These are the kind of people America should welcome.

      War On Drugs