• Where Are the Bodies?

      Today’s NYTimes features yet another scare story about industrial chemicals.

      The writers say that the widespread use of the weedkiller Roundup has created “superweeds” which are herbicide resistant!   That “could lead to higher food prices, lower crop yields, rising farm costs and more pollution.”

      Well, it could.

      The MSM always obsess about terrible things that chemicals will do.  They predicted the cancer epidemic that never happened.  They predicted the male sterility crisis that never happened.  Now they claim that the preservative BPA in plastic bottles is injures us.   If these omnipresent chemicals are so evil, where are the bodies?  We’ve been exposed for years now, and yet Americans live longer than ever.

      The MSM almost never point out that BPA reduced botulism poisonings, or that Roundup saves lives by lowering the cost of food.   That doesn’t fit the anti-industry narrative.

      So it was nice to discover “Truth or Scare,”  the blog of a woman who calls herself “Junk Science Mom.”

      This week she calls out scaremonger/hustler David Fenton:

      “If you believe what you see and hear in the media, those fighting an unnecessary battle against bisphenol-A (BPA) are altruistic individuals concerned about health and safety. Concerned about their children and their environment. It's all rainbows and butterflies. After all, who wouldn't want to protect babies from being poisoned to death?

      But there is an ugly truth behind the scenes that you will never hear about in the media. Greed, propaganda, political agendas, profits, lies and scams. And it all can be tied to one person and one powerful PR firm. David Fenton and Fenton Communications….

      He is the puppet master and we moms are his puppets. He orchestrates the scare and we, being fearful for our children, unknowingly carry out his plan for him. He comes out a winner, and we are duped into wasting our time, money and energy fighting a battle that never needed to be fought”

      Good for you, junk science mom, whoever you are.  Truth or Scare is a wonderful addition to the debate.

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