• Honoring Ike: Enough Already

      That Washington DC has enough monuments to politicians is obvious to anyone except the free-spending politicians who think they're next in line. Now $100 million will be spent for a massive memorial to President Eisenhower. The Washington Times says enough already:

      Over the past decade, Congress has appropriated $29.3 million toward the Eisenhower monument's planning and construction. The memorial commission refused to answer simple questions regarding the amount of private donations raised to date and expected in the future. That means, unless there's a sudden interest in donating big money by those who still like Ike, taxpayers will pick up the majority of the project's total cost.

      Eisenhower was neither America's greatest general nor America's greatest president. Canceling this unnecessary memorial would do nothing to tarnish his legacy and would be a painless way to save taxpayers at least $100 million.

      That would be true even if Ike were America's greatest general and president. His service to the country is honor enough. If private citizens want to raise money to build him a statue, fine, but Congress should give the $29 million back to us. Unfortunately, the politicians have never seen a ribbon-cutting or speech opportunity they didn't like, so prepare to open your wallets.