• No Experience Necessary

      Our State Department has an unquenchable thirst for wasting our money. I recently wrote about the $300,000 that the bureaucrats spent for alcoholic beverages -- about twice as much as last year,

      You expected them to drink the free booze out of paper cups?

      A no-bid contract for custom crystal stemware for Hillary Rodham Clinton's State Department left taxpayers on the hook for $800,000 -- yet the feds didn't get a single glass...

      The glass contract -- obtained by The (NY) Post -- and other internal government billing documents are filled with overhead costs, including $117,000 for a "project manager," $63,000 for a "software engineer" and $44,000 for "warehouse housing."

      Perhaps the diplomatic corps was drunk when they cooked up this deal.

      (T)he documents show no purchase or delivery of a single sherry glass, whiskey tumbler, martini glass or brandy snifter, all of which are listed among fancy stemware to be procured for US embassies and ambassadors' residences overseas.

      Systems Design Inc., the politically connected interior-design firm that got the contract totaling $5.4 million without competition, had no experience making glassware.

      Actually, if you don't deliver the glassware, experience isn’t necessary.